Moets & Moenies

smoking-icon-01-01Smoking is a fire hazard
Please be careful and do not smoke near hay bales or in the tents

The Cape is dry – be responsible

no petsNo Pets Allowed
sorry no pets allowed
no-foodNo Own Food Or Drinks
no food or drinks beyond this point
enter-own-risk-01Enter & Use Of Facilities Are At Your Own Risk
right of admission is reserved
no-weaponsNo Weapons
no firearms or weapons allowed on this property
be-kindBe Kind
Treat Others Kindly
drink-respons-01Drink Responsibly
keep your head
shoes-01-01-02Parking Area Has Thorns
the rest of the area is flat shoe friendly
rembember to bring your sunglasses
remember to bring your hat
remember to bring your sunscreen
family-01Family Fun
fun for the whole family
tickets-01Buy Tickets Online
at Computicket to prevent standing in queues in the heat